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Personal Favorites:

Comic Books Haunted, Break The Line, Ultimates 1 & 2, The Waiting Place, Gunsmith Cats, Tank Girl, those 'Robot' manga anthologies. Pretty much anything drawn by Jason Alexander or Lee Bermejo. The first 4 issues of 'Generation X' were awesome.
Comic Creators Lee Bermejo, Jason Alexander, Bryan Hitch, Mark Millar, Warren Ellis, Rick Mays, Shirow Masamune, Kenji Tsuruta, Dave Sim, Kenichi Sonoda, mid-late 90's Joe Madureira. Range Murata draws some really pretty pictures, but I always feel like kind of a perv looking at them.
Music Bering Strait, Ani Difranco, Disturbed, Fozzy, Garbage, Guano Apes, Juliana Hatfield, ICP, Killswitch Engage, Kittie, Lacuna Coil, Metallica, Lisa Miskovsky, Origa, Otep, Poe,  Sky, Texas, Waterproof Blonde, Земфира, Чичерина, 
Movies 12 Monkeys, Apocalypse Now, The Avengers, Beerfest, The Boondock Saints 1 & 2, The Dark Knight trilogy ('Rises' is better than you think), Empire of the Sun, Falling Down, Fight Club, The Hangover, Hoosiers, Iron Man 1 & 2, Man on Fire, Slap Shot, Stick It, Suicide Kings, Super Troopers, Waiting, Wall Street, Брат 1 & 2, 
Television Barney Miller, Breaking Bad, Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C., House, My Name is Earl, NYPD Blue, Nip/Tuck, Northern Exposure, Rescue Me, South Park, The Shield, Squidbillies, Top Gear (U.K.). 'Arrested Development' should be declared a national treasure.

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